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Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal

Aims & Scope

Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal aims to build a civilized scientific thoughtful
community through providing a scientific and academic environment which is suitable for all
researchers to provide the society with valuable researches which constitute a stable scientific base
to build a creative and civilized human.
The goal of the journal exceeds the work limits in the local reality and extends to the vast horizons
to contain all over the world so that the journal is a cultural bridge connects the scientists and
students to exceed the limits of the place and the effort. The journal provides a mean of
communication among all researchers all over the world to provide the basic discreet scientific
information to build a better developed world for all people.

Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal is a periodic multidisciplinary scientific journal issued
by Cihan University- Erbil after auditing and revising by a specialized staff headed by the President
of the university. The journal publishes original creative researches related to all fields of pure and
applied sciences and humanities in Kurdish, Arabic and English.
The journal is concerned with publishing the discreet scientific research articles, and commits the
known terms in the academic periodic magazines. All the provided researches are subject to the
scientific arbitration, which is entrusted to the specialized, professional and scientific highly
qualified professors of the tasks of assessment, revision and arbitration in the scientific researches
according to the research specializations and their trends.

Peer-Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal are subject to a two-round
double-blind review process. Each manuscript is reviewed by two independent reviewers. Based on
their review reports, the editorial board issues its final decision, reserving the right to reject the
manuscript. The author is notified of the result of the review process no later than within one month
from the date of receipt of the reviewer reports.

Submission Process

Manuscripts can be submitted to the Journal Secretariat via following mailing address:
100m Street, Nawroz Qr.,
44001, Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
or via journal email: journal@cihanuniversity.edu.iq .
The researcher should do the required modifications and corrections according to the referees
suggestions and send the final copy with 2 CDs to the journal secretariat.
The unaccepted researches will not be returned back and an official letter of apology is to be sent.

Publication Fees

Researchers from Cihan University pay nonrefundable 50,000 ID, and 75,000 ID from outside the
university as publishing fees.
A copy of the journal is given to the researcher once it is published (a copy for each researcher if
they are more than one).

Cihan University of Erbil

Cihan university is a private English-speaking institution, one of the first and finest universities established in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. It was approved by the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2006 and operated for the first time in 2007.
Spread over 127.000 m2, the university campus consists of newly-built, modern, fully-equipped and spacious complex of buildings which hosts its academic departments, administration offices and student service facilities.
Cihan University offers undergraduate degrees in Law, Business Administration, Accounting & IT, Communication & Engineering, Computer Science, International Relations, Architecture Engineering, Biology, Interior Design, and English.