Analysis of Confidentiality Algorithms in Different Mobile Generations

Author: Khalid Fadhil Jasim
Department of Computer Science, KICT International Islamic University
Department of Computer Science, Cihan University – Erbil

Author:Imad Fakhri Al-Shaikhli
Department of Computer Science, KICT International Islamic University

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24086/cuesj.si.2017.n1a11

In past years, a variety of Mobile technology generations have been adopted in mobile communication systems. Various sensitive information (e.g. emails, bank transactions, voice calls, … ) was exchanged via the mobile systems. The protection of information confidentiality became a serious problem for the customers of these systems. Security solutions such as confidentiality cipher algorithms proposed to protect the transmissions in different mobile generations. The proposed cipher algorithms like A5/1 cipher, SNOW 3G cipher, ZUC cipher, and AES cipher were designed for securing mobile systems. This paper provides analysis study of operations and specifications for these cipher algorithms, and investigating the cryptanalysis methods which can be employed to attack these cipher algorithms.
Keywords: Mobile Generations; Cipher Algorithms; A5/1Cipher; SNOW3G Cipher; ZUC Cipher; AES Cipher; Cryptanalysis Attacks.

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